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These pages present data mined from the University of Virginia's student information system (SIS). — Lou Bloomfield, Department of Physics

My data-mining operation is mostly back in operation after an overhall necessitated by changes in SIS. There are still some details to fix and I'll work on them soon. -- Lou
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 FORU 1500Introduction to the Forums
 Via Asia
Fall 2018  13626 001Lecture (3 Units)Open13 / 20Natasha Heller+1TuTh 2:00PM - 3:15PMGibson Hall 241
 Humans, Nature, and Evolution
Fall 2018  13628 003Lecture (3 Units)Open36 / 40Erin Eaker+1MoWe 2:00PM - 3:15PMMonroe Hall 134
 Religion, Politics, & Conflict
Fall 2018  18545 004Lecture (3 Units)Open37 / 40Ahmed Al-Rahim+1Tu 5:00PM - 7:30PMGibson Hall 211
 FORU 1510Continuing the Forum
 Space, Knowledge, and Power
Fall 2018  13814 001Lecture (1 Units)Open 15 / 40Ricardo Padron+1TBATBA
 Food, Society & Sustainability
Fall 2018  13815 002Lecture (1 Units)Open 20 / 40Manuel Lerdau+1TBATBA
 Visions of the Good Lab
Fall 2018  13816 003Lecture (1 Units)Open 30 / 40Erin Eaker+1TBATBA