Class 20242 ENAM 3559 - 002 (Lecture)
New Course in American Literature
Topic Race & Ethnicity: Latina/o Lit
Instructor Carmen Lamas
Carmen LamasTuTh 12:30PM - 1:45PMThe Rotunda Room 152
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Enrollment: (Show Graph) 9 students (capacity 10)
Status: Open, Waitlist Available When Full
Combined With: AMST 3559-002 LEC (20243)
Combined Enrollment: 19 students (capacity 20)
Combined Status: Open, Waitlist Available When Full
Units: 3
Meeting Dates: 01/18/2017 - 05/02/2017
Class Components: Lecture Required
Enrollment Requirements: None
Requirement Designation: None
Class Attributes: None
Grading: Student Option
SIS Description: This course provides the opportunity to offer a new course in the subject of American Literature. For more details on this class, please visit the department website at
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Description In this course we will examine the construction of race and ethnicity in Latina/o literature by examining key texts by individuals from varying Latina/o groups who live in the United States. This course will examine both how US-American identity shapes Latina/o notions and constructions of race and how the authors’ connections with Latin American and the Caribbean do the same. In the end, we will explore race and ethnicity from a hemispheric perspective in order to inquire as to its specific manifestation in Latina/o literature and culture. All readings, discussions and assignments are in English.
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