Class 16041 SYS 6024 - 001 (Lecture)
User Experience Design
Instructor Gregory Gerling
Gregory GerlingMoWe 10:30am - 11:45amRice Hall 120
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Enrollment: (Show Graph) 3 students (capacity 21)
Status: Closed
Combined With: SYS 4024-001, SYS 6024-001
Combined Enrollment: 22 students (capacity 21)
Combined Status: Closed
Units: 3
Meeting Dates: 01/13/2020 - 04/28/2020
Class Components: Lecture Required
Enrollment Requirements: None
Requirement Designation: None
Class Attributes: None
Grading: Graded
SIS Description: A case-based approach to the design of user interfaces with a focus on iterative project experiences. Display design concepts are related to ecological factors, situational awareness, attention, vision, and information processing. Project cases are tied to real-world problems of decision support on mobile platforms, large scale command and control, and data visualization, among others. Graduate version includes 4-5 advanced discussion sessions.
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