Welcome to Lou’s List

Lou’s List is a web site that presents University of Virginia course information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format. Most of this information is mined every four hours from the official SIS, although combined course information is obtained once each night.

The goal of this web site is to help students and faculty realize the best educational experience possible. I hope that you will find it useful and would appreciate your comments.

Lou Bloomfield
Professor of Physics
University of Virginia

8 comments to Welcome to Lou’s List

  • Debbie Berkeley

    I find this site very user friendly and intuitive. Thank you! I have been pining for something like this since they took down the old online course catalogue. I have saved this to my favorites and intend to access it frequently, now that I know about it, and will also share the link. Thanks again, Lou!

  • In Love With Lou's List

    You’re the man, Lou!

  • Lou's List's biggest fan

    I believe I speak on behalf of the entire student community when I request that Lou’s List be updated to include Spring 2011 courses. None of us can stand spending the hours on SIS necessary to look up all the courses that are offered. LL makes it possible to do so in under 5 minutes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep LL up for at least the next three semesters 😀

  • Simone

    Absolutely great list! Makes scheduling courses so much easier. You’re awesome Lou!

  • Kevin

    Professor Bloomfield,

    Could you possibly make the Engineering School pages a bit more accessible? As of now, we have to click on “Other Schools” and then click Engineering, and then we get a page with every engineering class… And unlike the other “other schools” most engineers only need one or two of the departments.

    It would be nice if you could separate pages for the E-school by department, and then have a menu from the home page to access all of them. Maybe a menu like the others on the home page where you can hide/unhide it and it has a link for the different E-school disciplines.

    Thank you for the site,

    • lab3e

      Thanks, Kevin. I have been meaning to revise the main index so that it takes less clicking to find what you want. I can also break the engineering school down into its departments. I’ll put both tasks on my to-do-soon list.


  • Sam

    Thank you for the website. I was wondering if you could possible add a scroll bar within the drop-down list where you select what semester you want to view. Currently there are so many semesters to choose from the most recent ones go over the top of the screen and are cut-off. If you just allowed 5 to be viewed with the option to scroll it would help greatly.

    Thanks once again Lou

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